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Cookies may be used on the Dream Job International website. Cookies allow you to personalize your browsing of our site. They help us track the most visited web pages, determine the effectiveness of advertising and Internet searches, and also give an idea of user behavior, which allows us to improve our communication tools and products.

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Cookies used on our website are categorized according to the recommendations in the cookie guide of the UK International Chamber of Commerce. We use the following categories on our websites and other online services:

Category 1 — Strictly Necessary Cookies.

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Category 2 — Operational Cookies.

These cookies collect information about your use of the website, such as the most frequently visited pages. Such data can be used to optimize our site and simplify navigation. These cookies are also used by our affiliates to determine whether you accessed our website from the affiliates website, did you use our services and did you buy our products as a result of visiting the website, including — which products and services you bought. These cookies are not used to collect personal information. All information collected with their help is intended for statistical purposes and remains anonymous.

Category 3 — Functional Cookies.

These cookies allow our websites to remember your choices when viewing the site. For example, a cookie may remember your location, which allows us to display our website in the language of your country. These files can also be used to remember settings such as the size and font of the text, as well as other customizable site settings. These files can also be used to track recommended products and videos to avoid repetition. The information provided by such cookies does not allow you to identify. They are not intended to track your work on websites not related to our site.