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Dream Job International - professional recruitment company, which was incorporated with the objective of providing quality recruitment services to employers, as well as assisting and advising individual candidates willing to find job and build a career in foreign companies.

Our team of experienced professionals constantly strives to provide partners and job seekers with an unrivaled level of service.

We combine our expertise in international recruitment and we use it effectively in order to develop right and uniquely tailored solutions for each of our clients, whatever their recruitment requirements.

Our company acts as a representative of both sides: the employer and the job seeker, and on this path we always strive to accommodate the requirements of both parties.

We provide permanent, temporary and contract based personnel services in many important industries.Every day we improve our methods and ways of searching for professionals.

We understand that time is the most valuable thing, especially for the modern world with its dynamic development, but you can save it considerably referring to the services of our company.

Trust, individual approach to each client, and setting up a long-term, reliable partnership are the main principles that guide us in our daily communication with you.

Day after day we are in search of new career opportunities and attractive offers for you.

Our goal is to help fulfill the aspirations of individuals and create new opportunities for our customers, deserving your trust and solving the unique tasks with great enthusiasm.

Vision and mission

Dream Job International's Mission is to become a recognized as a reliable partner for clients and candidates by providing quality recruitment services

We help employers to find and attract the best specialists and create a Dream Team that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the company

We assist candidates in their Dream Job Search, and taking into consideration everyone's expectations, we try to find job offers that correspond to an applicant’s experience and open up opportunities for professional and career growth

Core Values

We are experts in our field and offer the best professional advisory services for our partners and candidates

We are responsible for fulfilling our obligations to clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability

We respect and appreciate our customers, treat people well and daily strive to strengthen the atmosphere of honesty and trust

We work as team and share experience for continuous improvement, learning and moving forward

Passion and pride
We are passionate about what we do! Taking pride in our work allows us to constantly strive to develop and improve

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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most prosperous and richest countries in the Persian Gulf, known for its high standard of life and the level of social security.

Keeping the spirit of the Eastern, Muslim culture, UAE successfully connects them with the West civilization.

Only here the high-rise skyscrapers of the metropolis harmoniously intertwine with the national Arab buildings, azure coast with wild desert, modern shopping centers with eastern markets.

It is a country of comfort and unrivaled service, high-class hotels and entertainment complexes, business centers and branches of famous international corporations.

The state unites many nations: here people from all over the world live and work together.

There is an opportunity to find work for a wide range of job seekers: various vacancies in hotels, restaurants, malls, entertainment parks, as well as positions for administrative staff and managers of different levels, in the offices of both small local enterprises and huge international companies.

It is here that you will have a chance to work in a multinational team with representatives from all over the world, to gain invaluable experience and prospects for career growth.




Turkey is a unique state, a meeting point for East and West, Christianity and Islam, a crossroads of all paths, cultures and customs.

Having a rich history and wonderful natural conditions, washed by the waters of four seas, the country has long become very attractive for tourists from all over the world.

That is why almost all vacancies in Turkey are in the tourist and hotel-restaurant field.

The most popular regions for employment are Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Izmir and other cities of the Antalya and Aegean coasts.

A variety of job offers, such as: administrator, receptionist, hostess, waiter, barman, animator, fitness instructor, SPA workers, hotel guides, tour guides and many others, allow to find their place to each applicant.

Most employers offer free accommodation, meals, air tickets.

Employment for these positions is seasonal: starting from April, lasting for 5-8 months. But recruitment starts with the beginning of winter, therefore it is very important to submit your resume on open positions in time.

Working in Turkey is a great opportunity for young people and students to earn extra money and gain invaluable experience, meet new friends and travel having a good time.




Qatar is a small state in the Persian Gulf, striking with its wealth and speed of development.

This country is the embodiment of soft Islamic traditions and the spirit of the East, famous for its high level of service in everything.

This is the place of luxury hotels and restaurants, shopping centers, beautiful beaches and mysterious desert.

Here representatives from different parts of the world live and work together.

Since there are excellent opportunities and conditions for work here, it attracts many candidates from our country.

Due to the dynamic development of the state and tourism, it is possible to find good job offers in various fields.




Egypt - a unique ancient state, whose age is more than one millennium.

Famous historical sights, warm climate and many different resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean and Red Seas have long made this place a paradise for tourists, which number increases every year.

That is why there is a recruitment of employees for all kinds of vacancies in the entertainment and hospitality field.

Most of the works are seasonal , therefore, working contracts are offered for a period of 4-7 months starting in the middle of autumn.

Employment in Egypt is a great opportunity for young people to spend a cold winter in a sunny country, meet new friends and earn money.




Kuwait is a country in the Persian Gulf, which has become one of the richest in the world, thanks to its oil reserves.

The state has an ancient history, many cultural sites that make it enigmatic, and at the same time very interesting.

Considering the Islamic norms, there is a fairly democratic attitude to foreigners living and working in the country.

Like other states in this region, Kuwait is one of the safest countries in the world.

Due to the good conditions of employment, representatives of different nationalities work here, including from our state.

Here you can find vacancies for different positions in both small and large companies.




Singapore is a multinational small state that, despite its small size, holds a leading position in the ranking of world’s richest countries and the states with the highest standard of living in Asia.

Considering the high standards of life, the manifestation of the highest service is present in everything.

Representatives of many religions and nations peacefully coexist in this remote country.

Honoring of laws here is one of the basic and obligatory phenomena.

Also, they are more carefully approaching the selection of personnel, their level of English proficiency and work experience.

In Singapore, there are opportunities for employment of our citizens in different spheres, which opens up good prospects for decent candidates.